Seminars & On-site Training

Self-Mastery Foundational Course – 6 weeks – A guide to the integration of the emotional, physical, social, financial and spiritual aspects of your life. Concepts and models will be presented each week introducing you to new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. A co-active approach is used.

Self-Mastery for Managers – 6 weeks – Includes two personal coaching sessions via phone or Skype – An in-depth look at how you as a manager or supervisor interact with your staff. Perceiving others, listening and communicating and the awareness of how you are received are addressed.

Relationship Mastery – 6 Weeks – Includes one 60 minute personal coaching session. Having quality personal relationships takes input of time and commitment. Included in this series are the elements of effective listening, responding, and going into action for that person/s. Knowing, that we all are human, Relationship Mastery introduces the many lens we look through and how we interpret others. An optional online assessment is available.

Anger Management through Emotional Intelligence – 8 Weeks – Participants who recognize they have issues managing their anger and know that impulse control is difficult for them use this program willingly. Emotional Intelligence based curricula are being used for anger management in schools, businesses, prisons, and municipal governments. Civility training in business and the “disruptive physician” as seen by hospitable administration take advantage of anger management through Emotional Intelligence training. Lastly, executive coaching/anger management programs are becoming the intervention of choice for those in leadership roles.