Success Stories

Success Stories

“Linda is a genuine person with a skill for helping others grow. Her intuitive thinking allows her to pin point growth opportunities in others that were previously overlooked. She is a connector that you deserve to know.” Gabe S.

“Linda is a deep thinker and a great listener, always there to assist you in making breakthroughs and realizations. She is a free spirit and fun to have around, and her curiosity for life is an inspiration.” Alex F.

“Linda’s concepts can be used to change your life. I used the “Circle Concept” for my planning calendar after I retire in April.” R. Grossart

“I walked away using the 4 Steps for Goal Setting.” Helen W.

“My expectations of the workshop was to improve my life, have effective delivery from the speaker with group dynamics were most definitely met and quite effectively. I would recommend a friend or relative to attend workshops with Linda. It was a wake-up call.” Wilfred C.

“I attended a Life Balance workshop by Linda McCarrin and she turned my fear into fun. Finding out who I am will prove to be the most valuable and rewarding thing I have done in this millennium. I did not have my mirror covered, I was afraid to look. Her workshop helped me to prioritize what was important in my life, where my (defects and weaknesses) challenges were, the inherent strengths I have and how to mentally visualize where I want to go. It was not only fun, it was painless! The experience from that workshop will carry me a long way and assist me in my professional and personal pursuits.” Tammy W.

“January 2011. My last two consulting contracts were drying up. I could retire or start my own micro business or ???. I needed someone to help me sort through the confusion of options, choose a path forward, and plan the initial steps to implement that plan. I had Linda’s name from two independent sources and called her. We met for the first time to discuss the service she provided as a life coach as well as the method of her coaching approach. By the end of that meeting I knew she would be helpful to me, and she had already given me a couple of suggestions to help focus my thinking. Linda gave me the homework assignments – self-assessment tools, progress logging forms, etc. – and then we worked through the clarification process together. Within our first four sessions I had already decided which option I most wanted to pursue, and our discussions shifted naturally to how I might proceed. Linda worked at the task of helping me plan effectively. She was excellent at getting me past emotional responses I had, emotional barriers that often bogged me down.” Thomas Chockley