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It’s FEBRUARY!! Thanks to the greeting card companies for keeping me posted! 

When it comes to TIME MANAGEMENT none of us likes to think we’re doing poorly. However, TIME MANAGEMENT affects every part of your life.

Start by answering the following questions or ponder the statements:

1.       Have I convinced yourself that you’re an effective time manager because your “To Do” list or diary is full? (having a full diary doesn’t mean you’re good at TM, it merely means your diary is full. 🙂

2.       Do I rush from one place to another thus feeling I’m busy?

3.       I get a lot done during the day, therefore I must be a good time manager.

4.       Are you an effective person? Are you an efficient person? More on that in the next issue.

5.       Do you have, in writing, a clearly defined set of yearly to lifetime goals?

6.       Do you have a similar set of goals for the next 6 months?

7.       Do you have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish during the coming week?

8.       Do you try to do your most important tasks during your “Prime Time?” (AM / PM person?)

9.       Do you set priorities by importance, not urgency?

10.    Do you delegate as much work as possible?

11.   Do you delegate challenging jobs as well as routine ones?

12.   Do you (or have the capacity to) delegate authority along with responsibility?

13.   Have you taken the steps to alleviate unneeded information & publications from intruding your time?

14.   Do you keep the $ Value or your time?

BONUS QUESTIONS – Are you really in control? Are our actions determined by you, not by your circumstances or other people’s priorities?

If any of these ideas ring a bell, perhaps it’s time to make yourself accountable. Time IS $ especially if you’re an Entrepreneur or thinking of transitioning to one.

Let’s set up a “Time” to discuss your Time Management Skill Assessment.The Investment in yourself is worth the “Time” it takes to sign up and well worth the monetary investment, as well.

Make it a Great Day!