Are you ready to shift your life into a powerful transformation?

Your beliefs influence everything you do from how you spend your money to choosing your life partner.

Self-awareness is the first step to integrating new ideas with outmoded thoughts.  It is said that “People don’t change until the pain of remaining the same gets too great.” How ready are you?

Questions to consider for Personal or Professional Coaching

  • Can I effectively communicate my feelings to my loved ones?
  • Why do I struggle in some areas?
  • How can I get more positive flow in my personal relationships?
  • Can I easily identify at which point my mood shifts?
  • Am I able to identify when I become defensive?
  • Do I recognize and understand the impact my behavior has on others?
  • How do I “psyche myself up” willingly? (motivation)
  • Is humor a part of my everyday life? ( motivation & morale)
  • What is my pattern of following up with actions? (integrity, trust)
  • Is it easy to for me to recognize when others are distressed? (empathy)

Questions to consider for Organizational Training & Coaching

  • Does our management find it easy to coach ourselves through problems?
  • What methods does management use to coach others through challenges?
  • What strategies can I use with employees to motivate them?
  • Are we able to recognize the early stages of conflict?
  • How do we manage emotions and nonverbal messages?
  • Are we creating authentic messages or mixed messages?
  • Does our staff understand our goals, values and mission?
  • How can I reduce absenteeism?
  • How can I detect bullying and what do I do about it?
  • Could my company benefit from in-person coaching?

1-1 Coaching Packages by phone

  • 60 minute sessions – Payable in advance through PayPal or credit card

Small Group Coaching – In Person

  • People who have the same goal or agenda – Prices vary depending on location

Organizational Consulting

  • Support to align your company’s values and beliefs with behaviors that match
  • Work with key individuals to enhance sustainable change
  • Assess employee engagement

Management and Employee Assistance

  • Individual / Group Training and Coaching
  • Workshops, seminars, “Lunch & Learn”
  • View a more complete description of services under “Management and Employee Services”
  • Call for our menu of services to choose from 708.253.5600 or email