Climbing the Ladder to Success Professional Development Course

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If you have taken Linda’s first course in aligning your goals and values and you are ready to take the next step in your professional development, download this course today.

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The “Climbing the Ladder to Success” program is meant for those who want to be more complete in their professional development. Not only does it include all the pieces from Program One which is entitled, “Aligning Your Goals and Values” but it delves further into what drives you in your personal and professional life.

You will identify your values, briefly describe them as they apply to your life, apply them to the “Eight Most Important Areas of Your Life,” and finally, figure out how you “operate in life.” This last part is the key to being aware of thoughts and beliefs that trigger sabotaging behaviors. Knowledge is power!


Benefits: “Climbing the Ladder to Success”

  1. You’ll identify time and energy wasters.
  2. You’ll have new resolve in eliminating them from your schedule.
  3. You will create boundaries in your personal and professional life and understand why they weren’t there before.
  4. You’ll discover what has been driving you to repeat the same scenarios over and over.
  5. You’ll be more conscious of “knee-jerk” responses.
  6. You’ll be more at ease with your choices in life.
  7. Your values and goals will have added meaning.
  8. You will learn how to maintain or regain balance.
  9. This program helps you become more true to yourself.
  10. You’ll have more fun!!


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