Aligning Your Values and Goals Professional Development Course

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This is the first course in Linda McCarrin’s professional development education series and help you to discover your core values, apply them to your life, and use them to steer to toward your life’s goals.


Core Values TypewriterLooking at the words “Core Values” written on a typewriter that goes back to 1867 made me realize just how “old” values are AND how we need to address them to keep them current. Typewriters have evolved over the decades and since been replace with computer, IPhones, IPads, etc. These devices perform so many more functions that a typewriter could.

There is something, however, that core values and typewriters have in common. The need to be maintained. Anyone knew that you were busy using a typewriter since your fingers would be soiled from the ink ribbon and the carriage. It meant you were busy doing something worthwhile.

So, too, do our core values need attending. We need to work on them occasionally to insure we are still adhering to them and applying them to our life. We need to know that they are in line with our current thinking. Are we honoring them? Have we adjusted them, if need be? When was the last time you reflected on your “Core Values?

This course gives you the opportunity to do just that

Choose them, narrow them down to a sizable amount and briefly describe them and their benefit to your life. Are the values you chose 10 years ago the same as today? If you’ve gone through some life changes they probably aren’t. Our principles don’t change but our values can. I no longer value having a large home, I do value having the ability to travel, however.

After you’ve chosen your current values and described them, then do the exercise by applying them to your life (Wheel of Life). See what areas have changed, which one have remained the same and still how others just need a tweaking.
When you’re finished, decide if moving further with some coaching sessions would be worth moving forward. You can contact me at or 708.253.560.

1 review for Aligning Your Values and Goals Professional Development Course

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    This brought insight into how my thinking was getting in the way of my success with projects.

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