Have you had a “Perception Upgrade?”

Perceptions are how we see others, how they see us and most importantly how we see ourselves. These all have been formed at an early age, through widespread programming via our parents, teachers, grandparents, extended family, friends, and community.

Our perceptions are connected to our senses. We all perceive differently what we see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. And when we meet someone our perceptions are part of the 6th sense which drives whether or not we will do business or seek some kind of relationship with that person.  When we meet someone for the first time, do we trust that person, feel aligned with them, want to continue getting to know them better? It all depends on our perception!

Let’s say, however, that your perception has been mired by negative programming. You had a distrustful experience in your life that led you to question others before you could feel comfortable with them. Trust came slowly for you. If this is something that keeps occurring for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I perceive myself?
  • How do I project myself toward others?
  • How do others generally receive me?
  • How do I perceive the feedback I receive from others?
  • What, if any of these needs “tweaking?”
  • How open am I to be coached on these questions? or
  • What needs to happen before I can accept honest feedback?

Many people confuse changing their perceptions with changing their whole being. I believe that no one wants a total perception makeover. What I do believe is possible is that some aspect of your perceptions of yourself and others can be “tweaked” to have them come in better alignment with who or what you are trying to attract in life. When you’re open to that, anything is possible!

What about you? Have you observed yourself lately? Could a “tweaking” of thoughts, beliefs and habits be in order?

Coaching foundations I abide by are: 1) Your information is confidential before we even begin sessions. 2) Your information will always be confidential. 3) Honest delivery is essential between coach and client. 4) The client and coach conversation is co-active; that is, there is a give and take between both parties.

If you think you could benefit from “tweaking” some aspects of your life, please contact me for a brief conversation about how I could be of service.

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional…to which I add…Why not take the option?”

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