53dd0e9857d84There you are going along…going to work, school, taking care of your daily duties, plans for the weekends, etc.
You are taking care of business or so it seems and BAM! out of the blue some sort of volcanic eruption occurs…not anything that you expected!

Life has its ways of putting us in balance by unbalancing us. It’s a way of getting us back on track to our truth path.
It could come in the form of a downsize at work, news of an illness to someone close or your mate saying they want some “Time out.”

Learning how to re-balance yourself comes with knowing yourself better and responding when “Something happens…”

Take a journey with Linda as she shares with you some of her personal “tsunami’s” and how she applied the concepts of Emotional Intelligence to improve her life.
The E-book “Something Happened On the Way to My Life” is a practical guide to getting back in balance.