Five things to have in your Emotional Toolbox

We have a toolbox for our house, garden, car and electronic devices. They help keep our lives running smoothly. We need tools in our everyday life to have it run well, also. Consider these when asking yourself, “What’s In My Emotional Toolbox?”

You’re curious about life. This is opposite from being judgmental about ourselves, the people we know and the world. If we’re curious, it means we have an open mind. When you want to learn something knew we don’t judge it, we are open to the knowledge it brings. The same is with ourselves and others. Keep negative judgment at bay by being curious about your environment.

You’re not a perfectionist! People who seek perfection are only disappointed in life time and time again. Those who do not seek perfection know it doesn’t exist. Human beings are fallible. If we seek perfection it limits our joy and ability to move on in a positive manner. Be realistic!

You know your strengths and weaknesses. Emotionally intelligent people know what they’re good at and what they are terrible at. They also know the positive buttons that push them to do better and the negative ones that sabotage their efforts. These can come in the form of people and situations.

You’re not easily offended. This may be a difficult one especially if you came from a critical background.  However, working on not being offended means that you know that when a person says or does something offensive that is usually is an indication of how they feel about themselves and not you. By not holding onto this energy you will be mentally and physically healthier.

Detach or Disconnect! Detaching from toxic people is the best thing you can do for your psyche. It may be difficult if they are friends or family and it doesn’t have to be like ripping a band-aid off! You can detach yourself from others who are judgmental, Debbie Downers, or Boo-hooer’s gradually. Be yourself and have some things you can say honestly when you don’t want to be with these individuals. Disconnect from emails, texts, and even the phone will decrease your stress and help you live in the moment. Technology is there as a tool. Use it when you need it!